The International Spedition

We have been interested in international spedition since the company was established. An experienced team of specialists creates optimal transport connections for goods which is transported all over Europe. The team collaborates with stable and reliable hauliers.

In addition, we provide carload freight transportation, additional cargo and capacity utilization of smaller vehicles.

The main advantages of spedition and transport are helpfulness of staff in securing orderss, their solid demeanor, high level of expertise and experience, consistent monitoring during the execution of orders, low prices and speed of delivery of your goods.


We are ready to meet your requirements for the international transport with our own trucks. Since 1998 when the first truck was bought our rolling-stock has been expanded to the current twenty-six trucks which fulfil exacting ecological regulations for the international transport in European countries.

We are able to transport various kinds of goods from frozen food to large machine parts. Every truck is equiped with satellite tracking so we are able to tell whenever and wherever your parcel is at a given time.

We have taken out responsibility insurance – public liability policy according to the CMR agreement in case of damage up to the limit of 5 million Czech crowns.

Our experienced and stable team of controllers and drivers deal with orders very quickly, reliably and in harmony with the needs of our customers.


We offer storage of your goods in heated storage rooms including loading and unloading on the truck.